Kudos to Disney’s Two Mom Debut!


This pass Sunday – January 26 – On the same night The Grammy’s married 33 gay and straight couples, Disney shocked the world by introducing it’s first same sex couple on the series finale of Good Luck, Charlie. Although this made many people uneasy, Disney has decided to stand behind their decision whole heartedly, making it very clear that this is reflective of the families today that have same sex parents.

Disney shows the characters as the mother’s of Taylor, a child that goes to Charlie’s school. Prior to the arrival of Taylor and her parents, Charlie’s parent were discussing that they met the child’s mother but by a different name. The family arrives and instead of the usual awkwardness that TV places on the gay communities, Charlie’s parents simply responded, “Taylor has two moms”.


This is a major step forward for Disney.



The Advancement of Digital Journalism

The highs and lows involving online journalism

Digital journalism is emerging right before our eyes and with the constant advancement of technology, the world of digital journalism has nothing but space to grow. If you would have ask about digital journalism over a decade ago no one would have thought it would be as powerful and it is today, and to a much bigger audience.

Not to be confused, digital journalism hold the same attributes and trait as journalism in general. Digital journalism hold the same ethic of fairness, relevance, and truth but is showcased in a bigger picture than yesterdays journalism.

Digital journalism is defined as a term to describe journalism originating from the Internet. Technological innovation, which previously allowed the mass distribution of news and information to large audiences, is now giving that power to individuals.

Digital journalism has several advantages than the journalism the many have been accustom to over the years. It has the ability to give its audience a choice to control what news they want to receive at any place and/or anytime.

Unlike the years of newspapers you would never have to worry about the amount of paper that are available you, or in television where you had to “catch” the news. With sites like CNN, New York Times, and The Washington Post available at your finger tips, news can reach its viewers, whenever the time is convenient for the viewer.

Online Journalism: Principles and Practices of News for the Web by James C. Foust

Along with every good there must be an obstacle that has to be faced. Although digital journalism has nearly taken over the world of print, the challenges lay in the industry’s economics. The access to digital journal does not bring in any revenue, and the advertising support has not been a major help in the industry so far.

With print and television, the individual pays for the news they recieve, rather its fifty cent for the daily paper or your monthly subscription to cable. Retrieving news online cost nothing at all, and this is where the industry struggles.

In Online Journalism: Principles and Practices of News for the Web, the writer, James C. Foust explains models of online funding that could possibly help digital journalism. Foust proposed different ideas to increase online funding.

He propsed selling advertising, as newspaper sell space the same can be done with the web. advertising it a major part in the financial stability of the digital journal. Also a subscription fee for news websites, as well as charging for smart phone application that features the news.

Following the advice and models could cause a turn around the the funding of online journalism. The same way individual paid for there news in the yesteryear’s will be the same way to bring money into the industry today.

Although digital journal is facing major industry highs and lows, it advantages with make it the most dominating force in journalism. In the fast pace world that we live, convenience is everything and that is one of digital journalism biggest advantages.

Deon Patterson is a journalism student at Eastern Michigan University. You may contact him at dpatte20@emich.edu

Dan Williams an EMU student who knows where he’s going

Dan Williams, EMU student

Livonia native Dan William, 25, has traveled quite a route before choosing to study here at Eastern Michigan University. Upon graduating from Livonia Franklin High School, Williams only apply to Ferris State University, where he came to the conclusion that, that is not where he wanted to be.

Knowing that he wanted to study media, Williams left Ferris State and soon attended Specs Howard School of Media Arts where he received a certificate in Video Production. Earning his Video Production certificate helped him surpass a major portion of his general education courses. Here at Eastern Michigan University Williams continues his longing for media by studying Journalism with a minor in Electronic Media and Film Studies.

In a perfect world Williams would like to work in the world of sports. Reporting sports news and an informant about the numbers, ranking, statistics of the industry. Aside from his traditional goal of marriage and being a family man, Williams long for a successful career in Sports Media.

Knowing that education is the secure route go, Williams plan on obtaining his degree next year. Know that field of Media is very demanding, he wouldn’t mind starting his career at an entry level possible and working up to get what he jokingly calls a “big boy” job.
In his spare time when he isn’t drowning with the load of school and work, he is involved with recreational soft ball and roller hockey. He also volunteers and his high school by helping the indoor percussion that he once was a part of, by teaching the upcoming student the basic techniques that are need at the high school level. Although music is something he became relatively good at, it wasn’t nothing he wanted to make a career from he consider it just a hobby.

Being an avid sports fan, I would only be right that he practices his trade by blogging about it. Any informative source of sports are a part of the things he blogs about.

Justice for Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, 17, shot and killed Feb. 26, 2012.

It has been weeks since the world has heard of the tragic killing of 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin, and the nation is trying its best to make sure he and his family sees justice.

Martin, 17, was walking in a neighborhood while visiting a family friend in a gated community just north of Orlando, FL, when he was harassed and then shot dead by self-appointed neighborhood watch member, George Zimmerman. Witnesses say, that they heard a scuffle which was followed by a loud gunshot, resulting in Zimmerman standing over Martin’s unresponsive body with a handgun.

Zimmerman called the police when noticing Martin and accused him of looking suspicious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL72w4xiTVU

George Zimmerman, 28, Martin's murderer

Florida police told Zimmerman not to follow Martin, but Zimmerman took it upon himself to proceed to bother Martin, calling him racist names which then lead to the killing of the 17-year-old. Zimmerman told the police that he killed Martin in a play of self-defense. Martin was unarmed, with only an ice tea and pack of skittles in his possession.

ABC News has created a timeline to show the injustice that the young mans family had to suffer while trying to investigate their son’s murder.

Since the public notice of the devastating news, people across the nation has brought attention to the injustice and discrimination that took place. Family member, close friends, and even some witnesses have now spoken out about what really happen on that day.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8DemEfSHWA here is the clip of the final phone call of Martin to he girlfriend.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cWwUAbbWnk&feature=related Witnesses speak in the Trayvon Martin Case.

The outrage has struck a cord with the nation and people are coming from each corner of the country to show respect and help with the investigation. Just this week President Obama spoke out about the matter saying, “If I had a son, He’d look like Trayvon,” illustrating how this issues affect him on a personal level. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hujkMw2fCQw


Miami Heat pays respect.

Just last night, the Miami Heat all wore hooded jump suits in honor of Martin, and to take a stand in the movement. What happen on that day hold a spot in the heart of many around the nation. An innocent black teenager gunned down because of suspicion. No one thought that racism was completely dead but no one thought that it was this prominent in today’s society.

Justice must be met, not only for the Martin family, for our youth and our nation. Many has compared Trayvon Martin’s tragedy to the Emmett Till injustice that happen in the 50’s. Both young, innocent, black teenage men killed because of the color of their skin.


Why is the racism that was alive in the 50’s still alive in 2012, nearly 60 years later? Where does it stop? And will justice ever be served?

– Deon

Disney… Absent Minded or Racist?

For years the Walt Disney corporation has been viewed a racist company and the only ethnic cartoon characters they presented were animals or terrible stereotypes. This is a link that brings attention to what people think are the top most racist characters from Disney, http://www.listal.com/list/racist-disney. Well my recent discovery bright some light as to why the world has been saying this for so long.

Just under a month ago my god-daughter receive a Disney princess adventure hut for her birthday. I immediately notice that the ethnic princesses like Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Tiana were nowhere on the play hut. I then began to wonder exactly how long ago the hut was designed and looked to the ever google search engine. Not only did I find out that the hut is relately new, the that Rapunzal became a Disney princess in 2010, when Disney released the film, Tangled.

I was told that my disvovery was just me over reacting and there were other huts that featured those missing princesses. This particular play hut featured Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Aurara (Sleeping Beauty), and Belle.

I then began to look up the different huts that were available on the toys-r-us website, and out of the five different models only one displayed those other characters. I called the local toys-r-us to see how many of the specific model they had available and they were “sold out” of that particular one. A sales associate informed me that the store only orders a certain amount of each item so when they are out of one item they’re just out, but you have the option to order online. For example, if a toy store orders 50 units of each product and 20% of the products feature characters of the minor, that 20% would be “sold out” before the other 80%. But my question is; why isn’t there a equal amount products distributed to the same toy store? When it comes to boy toys and girl toys there are equal amount of product in the stores, so why not for the majority and the minority?

A lot of people blame it on the area that the toy stores are in, and on what product they think parents would be more interested in buying for their children. I refuse to blame it on the demographic of a specific area. Not only is thing matter shown in the products Disney release, but in the children’s movies. While looking into this matter I ran across an article from Libby Brunette, Claudette Mallory & Shannon Wood titled, Stereotypes & Racism in Children’s Movies http://www.nhaeyc.org/newsletters/articles/Racism_in_Childrens_Movies.pdf . In the article, it basically spoke of how young children are introduced to racism through movies alone. It listed a few movies where the unlined racism didn’t go unnoticed.

Disney is sending the wrong messages to the youth. By being the leading company in children’s entertainment, kids are inspired and influenced by what they see through Disney. Much like society, Disney is painting a one dimensional picture of what is acceptable in the worlds eyes. By putting accents on certain characters sways the mind of children. Disney puts out a message that if you do not speak with an American accent or have fare skin than your not good enough or good at all. So what do we do as a society? How do we teach our children that what they see in their favorite movies isn’t always the best? Do we try to fight one of the biggest entertainment corporation in the world and let them know that what they doing isn’t right nor fair, or do we continue to think… is Disney being absent minded or racist???

– Deon